Peter Acker


As a voice talent, Peter’s rich & resonant sound has been plied for thousands of projects, ranging from Corporate narrations to radio and televison, including  character-voices for animations, including “Fizzy’s Lunch Lab“, on

For documentaries, film/video shoots, or man-on-the-street audio, Acker is fully-equipped for recording on the go.  Ironically, with as much noise as he makes over the airwaves, as a location sound recordist Acker also seeks out the quickly vanishing pristine environments of quiet.

A nationally recognized nature sound preservationist, Acker and his Binaural Stereo recordings have been featured on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, American Moments with Charles Kuralt; Chronical; and a variety of PBS programming. You may have also heard Peter and his recordings of Cape Cod’s “plane-less” skies in the days following 9/11 on National Public Radio’s “Living On Earth”.