Field recording is nothing new here. We’ve been to the extremes — from sub-zero blizzards, to the Amazonian Rainforest — capturing digital audio in formats ranging from Binaural-Stereo (Neumann KU100) to M-S stereo and lavaliers with amazing fidelity.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just added what is perhaps the most sonically clean and robust field recorder available: the SOUND DEVICES 744T Digital Recorder.  

The 744T is a compact, high-resolution four-track digital audio recorder with time code. It records and plays back four tracks of 16 or 24 bit audio to its internal 40 GB hard drive and/or Compact Flash medium. With sample rates between 32 kHz and 192 kHz plus full read/write time code, the 744T is the perfect tool for any critical recording environment — from over-the-shoulder to cart-based production. Back in the studio, the files are brought into the digital editing domain direct from the 744t’s hard drive in a flash via firewire, ready for audio post. Man, it just doesn’t get any easier … or better than this!

Give us a call for your next project. We’re ready to go!


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