Audiobooks: Recording / Editing / Mastering.


From recording to mastering for cd or online distribution, we’re your one-stop source for audiobook production.  Our studios are spacious, comfortable as well as completely isolated from whatever noise the outside world can dish up.

Our clients include;; ACX; Harper-Collins; Random House; Crown and a host of the finest narrators in the country, who rely on our spot-on editing and mastering.  We also provide coaching for authors who wish to narrate their own titles.

So, if  you’re an author, narrator, small-press or major publisher,  you can relax, knowing that we have the tools and experience to make your audiobook a seamless production, delivered on-time and on budget.


“Working with Peter Acker recording “Little, Big” and “Aegypt” was a great pleasure. Peter is great to work with, self-possessed, calm (calm is good when you feel pressure to make sentences makes sense!) and watchful — not a flub or an imprecision gets by him. My days down in the studio with the book and the mike and the dog are a pleasure to remember. And his work won us an Audiophile Earphones Award in 2012!”

~ John Crowley, Author/Narrator ~


“Just a quick note to say that Peter Acker has been doing stellar work with me on a variety of books over the past couple of years. Non-fiction, fiction, short deadline, luxurious work time, whatever. Peter’s work is consistent, and his attitude is always positive and productive. I highly recommend him as an engineer/editor for your next project!”

~ David Doersch, Narrator ~

“Working with Peter was a dream. His even-tempered, totally professional approach turned my popular printed volume, ‘JAVATREKKER: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee’ into an audio book seamlessly. He guided me through the process of turning my book into an audiobook, from understanding my rights and options to creating an uber-professional recording. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

~ Dean Cycon, Owner, Author, Narrator~

“I’m sorry I can only check three attributes from the list that describe Peter’s work on the audiobook projects we’ve done together, because they ALL apply, and then some! As a narrator, having Peter on my production team means I can focus on my work because I know he’s got the editing side of things all taken care of. Peter is a great communicator, keeps things positive, and most importantly his work is just fantastic. Can’t say enough about Peter’s work. I only hope he has enough time left in his schedule to work for me after people read all of these glowing recommendations!”

~ Andi Arndt, Narrator/Producer ~


“Peter was the engineer for ‘Look Me in the Eye’, ‘be different’ and ‘Raising Cubby’ from Crown/Random House/Random House Audio. We recorded the audiobooks in his Armadillo Audio facility in Pelham, MA.  The recordings went smoothly, the equipment is all solid, Peter is very skilled.  Our result has gone on to sold all over the world and featured on many international bestseller lists, including the NY Times and USA Today.  I recommend Peter for any audiobook project, or any similar voice recording task.”

~ John Elder Robison, Author/Narrator ~